The Helsinki Book

Book concept, Layout & Icon design / 2016

Book project 

The Helsinki Book, written by a Finnish chef Marc Aulén, is a completely different Helsinki guide book though his unique view. To capture his enthusiastic and energetic resources, AÄÅ involved in diverse scales from the very beginning of the concept throughout the division of chapters. On top of the whole concept design, I was mainly in charge of the whole layout and icon design.

 Designer: Through this telescope, Seungho is projecting untried solutions to the problems framing the problems in novel ways.
 Researcher: Through this microscope, Seungho is unpacking the unseen complexity of a problem as a researcher. 
 Work: This simple illustration exemplifies the way he works. 
 Blog: These miscellaneous props represents the diverse stories and thoughts he would speak out through his blog. 
 Contact: Through this funnel, Seungho is listening to other experts about new project ideas.