Playing around with food myths
in an interactive way



Take your time

Experience design

MA course project



Take Your Time is a playful exploration food myths that people naturally acquired through communication in our daily lives. This project was created for the design competition and exhibition ‘Design to Feed the World’ organized by Cumulus Milan in 2015. As a group project, eight Aalto University students investigated everyday human ritua with a cultural focus through food as the main tool under the main title ‘Materia Prima.’

The aim is to enhance the joy of eating by interactive experience in relation to well-known food myths, the five-second rule. It states that food dropped on the ground will not be significantly contaminated with bacteria if it is picked up within five seconds of being dropped. 

Video production: Zeno Legner



Developed from this point of view, this project presents a set of toy-like candy bars. Using the principle of a roly-poly toy, food rarely touches the ground when it is dropped or pushed over. After that, it only wobbles for a few moments and returns to the upright position. In this way, I intended to play around with food myths by twisting them in an interactive, enjoyable way.

© Cumulus Milan

© Cumulus Milan

© Cumulus Milan

© Cumulus Milan