Resin body with 3.0" TFT LCD / 110 x 50.9 x 12.3 cm / 2009

Samsung mobile phone design

Nori is a touch-type mobile phone for domestic Korean market. I had worked on beginning concept, design suggestion and rendering, and other member managed later detailed design development and mass production.

In overall, the direction emphasizing emotional point based on minimal design is similar with Nori F2 and it appeals to the youth with novel points including minimal logo and asymmetric home key. It looks like a girlish diary and reflects the visual factors of it in appearance including sidelines as a book, side keys as an index, and non-glossy texture as a paper.


Nori F2(SHW-A280)

Resin body with 3" WQVGA LCD / 106.9 x 51 x 13.7 cm / 2011

Samsung mobile phone design

Nori F2, awarded the Good Design Mark in 2011, is a folder-type mobile phone for domestic Korean market. LED indicator in the front side and camera deco color in the rear side serve as the graphic point based on the neat minimal body design. Point color is connected to navigation key inside of folder and harmonized in overall.