Minus(-) Design

Bulbless Lighting: 220 x 310 mm / 2008

Tabless Table: Table 1500 x 700 x 700 mm; Chair 800 x 420 x 420 mm / 2008

BA thesis project at Hongik University

Minus(-) design, my BA thesis project in industrial design, represents the concept of ideal existence for things always in the same place. This concept is acquired naturally and habitually and unconsciously. As breaking the frame of thought beyond expectation, it eventually provides pleasure and refreshment for users. Since the minus design creates ideal existence from typical form of object, it has appearance within familiar shape.

Bulbless Lighting: The main source of light in the lighting is a bulb. There is a place where bulb should be located, but it is empty. The lampshade itself becomes light instead of absent bulb.

Tabless Table: A desk and a chair always make a pair. However, here is no desk but a big chair and a small one. Through the typical, recognizable shape like a chair, the ideal existence of desk comes across our mind. The back part of a chair functions as a bookcase or a memo board in this desk.