Reinterpreting the image of Korean culture



Korean Culture Week

Promotional material, Illustration

Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Finland



Korean Culture Week is an annual festival organised and supported by Korea Foundation and Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Finland. It contains various events including music concerts, Korean food event, K-pop contest as well as movie festival.

I was commissioned to create the promotional posters that implied the vibrant Korean culture embracing four different events. The main challenge was to avoid the typical blue, red, and Korean flag, which I solved by creating illustration with abstract shapes that allowed viewers' open interpretation.


Designer: Through this telescope, Seungho is projecting untried solutions to the problems framing the problems in novel ways.
About: With these varied props, this illustration conveys Seungho’s personal interest and daily ritual as a father, an urban bicyclist, and so on.
Contact: Through this funnel, Seungho is listening to other experts about new project ideas.